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Custom Integrations

Businesses use various web based softwares for various business needs. These can be integrated with the website and shared with the customers, employees or both to form a collaborative online system.

Integrate applications with your Website

API Integrations

We integrate various SMS, REST and other APIs to your website for effective data flow.

Visual Integration

The same look and feel is integrated and maintained across web applications for consistency.

Web Service Requests

We get and post data using web service requests as per your website requirements.

Real Time Data Transfer

Data across web applications and your website is made available as soon as it is generated.

User Authentication

Users are synced and common sessions are maintained for a common logins.

Data Migration

We perform cross platform data migrations by writing specialized database scripts.

Execute a complex integration professionally. Contact us

If you did not find what you were looking for or have a specific requirement, please write to us at sales@skovian.com or call on +91 98220 85553