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Websites and Web Portals

Web Design And Development Services

Web Design and Development Company in India Having a great website is as important and necessary as having a phone number. A website enables your business to reach potential customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your site can educate, inform and generate new leads and revenue while you sleep.
Skovian Ventures is one of the leading website development and website designing company in India. Be it Internet marketing or custom e-commerce and application Development for Internet Marketing & Graphic Design, Skovian is your trusted partner in website designing and website development in India. At Skovian we plan, design and develop the best possible strategy for your website for excellent outcome.

Websites with a Strong Foundation

Cross Browser Compatibility

We test websites on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft IE (8+).

Fast Websites

We use various performance optimization techniques to make your website load super fast.

Responsive Mobile Design

Get a consistent fast loading design across all resolutions of tablets and mobile devices.

Security Enabled

We apply an enhanced layer of protection to block hackers from compromising the websites.

SEO Friendly Structure

We set the content, page and navigation structure to be easily understood by the search engines.

Monitor Website Traffic

Check website visitor statistics and demographics online and get reports by email.

Choose from a Variety of Features

Content Management System

A CMS lets you edit the content, upload images and files easily with a user friendly administrator interface.

Contact Forms

Get customizable contact forms with auto response emails, database storage and spreadsheet exports.

Automated Backups

Schedule automated backups for all files and databases which can be restored fast when required.

Social Media Integration

Display your followers on the website and share web pages to your social media accounts.

Photo and Video Galleries

Display your product / event photos in easy to use galleries with full screen viewing.

Multi Language Support

Have your website in multiple languages with a user friendly language toggle.

Latest News

Announce scrolling latest updates, new launches and developments to your customers.

Search Box

A text search box for site wide search will help the users who know what they want in large websites.

Rich Snippets

Display the right information in search engine results with HTML code in the schema.org format.

Customer Testimonials

Display your customer reviews and logos for new customers to build trust in your brand.


Write blog posts and create a content based website to drive more traffic and increase sales.

RSS Feeds

Give out RSS feeds from your blog to your readers and also display any RSS feeds on your website.

Take your website to the next level


Sell your products and services online with a complete order management system and a shopping cart.

Lead Management

Analyze the entry point, pages visited and exit point of leads and maintain the complete history.

Social Networks

Create a private social network for your company or family with all the latest features.

Business Directories

Show categorized company names with all details and with direct contact options.

Project Management

Internal team collaboration, project planning, task allotment, time tracking and more.

Payment Gateways

Receive payments online from your customers which are credited directly to your bank account.

Online Reservations

Show open slots for any types of appointments and bookings and manage reservations online.

Event Calendars

Show upcoming events with online reservations, location maps, category and location filters.


Create online courses with lessons, slides, images, videos and enroll students.

CRM and Billing

Online quotes, invoices, client management and login, payments, purchase and more.

Product Catalogs

Show large number of products with easy to navigate categories, tags and filters based on features.

Quizzes, Polls and Surveys

Add interactive elements on the website to increase user engagement and average time on site.

Q and A Forums

Create domain specific question and answer communities which greatly increase traffic to the website.

Support Ticket Systems

Professional looking support tickets with automated email triggers and internal task allotment.


Display your work, designs, photos with HTML5 and CSS3 effects to create a impact.

Live Chat Integration

Chat with potential leads and show automated messages based on their location and what page they are on.

Job Boards

Location and job category wise careers section with one click job application and candidate management.


Start your own domain specific buy and sell listing website with any categories for classifieds ads.

Get an awesome website. Contact us

If you did not find what you were looking for or have a specific requirement, please write to us at sales@skovian.com or call on +91 98220 85553

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