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Established in 2011, Skovian Ventures is an online marketing and web development company partnering with companies of various sizes all around the globe. Our commitment to excellence, our specialty of bringing refreshing ideas with devoted customer service and fast turn around times have been instrumental in our rapid growth.

Our skills lie in our talented professionals and their attitudes. Based in Pune, India, Skovian has a strong customer base in Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Singapore, UAE, UK and USA.


To provide effective solutions enabling continuous growth for our beneficiaries.


Ensure we are the best place to work and the best to work with.
Leverage technology, systems and strategy for creative solutions.
Always put quality above quantity.
Be driven by our values and our passion.



  • Designing and syncing strategies with current marketing plans
  • Identifying the target audience
  • Analyzing competitors for the extra edge


  • Creating high quality websites optimized for performance and usability
  • Researching keywords thoroughly
  • Multiple browser and compliance checks


  • Examining key metrics from Google Analytics, Adwords, Webmaster Tools, Social Media
  • Weekly reporting
  • Providing business inputs for key decision making


  • Frequent enhancing of strategies based on analysis to increase traffic and conversions
  • Updating websites based on latest trends and search engine algorithm changes

Team Skovian

Nishat Kondvikar, Founder & CEO

Nishat is the oracle for all technical solutions who believes in investing his energy in continuous growth for the customer businesses and beneficiaries. When the impact of Digital Marketing was still being discovered; Nishat , a stellar entrepreneur, had a vision and founded Skovian Ventures with a set of unique experts to innovate apt digital solutions for customers across industries. His training as a commercial pilot and more than 10 years of experience in technology infuses precision and excellence in all deliveries.

Abhishek Bheem
Abhishek BheemPaid Media Executive
Akash Mehta
Akash Mehta Jr. System Administrator
Akash Kulkarni
Akash Kulkarni Jr Web Developer
Akshay Waghumbare
Akshay Waghumbare Web Developer
Amol Rajurkar
Amol Rajurkar Vertical Team Lead - Real Estate & Auto
Ankita Bhide
Ankita Bhide Web Developer
Tushar Bhondekar
Tushar BhondekarPaid Media Specialist
Asmita Gurung
Asmita Gurung Jr SEO & SM Executive
Asmita Shinde
Asmita Shinde SEO Executive
Atharva Patil
Atharva Patil Brand Manager
Barkha Chainani
Barkha ChainaniCustomer Success Manager
Jyoti Patil
Jyoti PatilSEO Executive
Debarati Dutta
Debarati Dutta Team Lead - Design
Dheeraj Gujar
Dheeraj Gujar SEO Analyst
Dnyaneshwar Jadhav
Dnyaneshwar Jadhav Accountant
Kalyani Patil
Kalyani Patil Graphic Designer
Neelima Duggal
Neelima Duggal Team Lead - Content
Nikhil Chavan
Nikhil Chavan Office Assistant
Mayuresh Gaikwad
Mayuresh Gaikwad UI/UX & Motion Graphic Designer
Meenal Yende
Meenal Yende Quality Analyst Project Coordinator
Neha Barabde
Neha Barabde Brand Manager
Pooja Lokhande
Pooja Lokhande Web Developer
Prabhu Randhir
Prabhu Randhir Team Lead - SEO
Priyanka There
Priyanka There Digital Marketing Executive
Puja Bharambe
Puja Bharambe Brand Manager
Tejal Gawale
Tejal GawalePaid Media Analyst
Rekha Bhati
Rekha Bhati HR Assistant
Ria Goyal
Ria Goyal Brand Manager
Sachin Agham
Sachin Agham Sales Manager
Sahil Barhanpurkar
Sahil Barhanpurkar Content Writer
Salman Mulla
Salman MullaPaid Media Analyst
Saloni Kakkad
Saloni Kakkad Social Media Executive
Sameer Awate
Sameer Awate Team Lead - PHP
Sambhaji Mulay
Sambhaji Mulay Web Development - Manager
Sarita Behera
Sarita Behera Team Lead - Brand Managers
Sharayu Dahale
Sharayu Dahale Content Writer
Shashank Gupta
Shashank Gupta Team Lead - Paid Media
Shripad Ganarkar
Shripad GanarkarJr Web Developer
Shweta Tekade
Shweta TekadePaid Media Analyst
Surabhi Gokodikar
Surabhi Gokodikar Content Writer
Zainab Pansare
Zainab Pansare Social Media Executive
Sonashree Khedkar
Sonashree Khedkar Brand Manager
Zeel Vora
Zeel Vora Jr. Graphic Designer