Social Media Trends for Real Estate in 2018

More and more businesses are increasingly done online these days. Real estate is no exception to this, with almost one third of home buying inquiries coming in from the social media channels. Developing metros like Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Pune have a higher percentage of such buyers. For this purpose, it might be prudent for a real estate developer to engage an internet marketing company Pune, Ahmedabad or any such city has to offer. Now drawing from our own experience as a digital marketing company in Pune , we predict that inbound lead generation is going to be really important for the real estate business in 2018.

What is inbound lead generation then?

Do not worry, inbound lead generation is nothing but offering useful and relevant content to your prospects which may make them into your customers. How do you do it? By using the technique of SEO and search ads.

  • SEO process entails  including some high-ranking keywords meaningfully in your content so that when a user searches for that particular keyword, the search engine promptly fetches your content and puts it amongst the top results.

  • A similar function can be done by search ads. Here, advertisements are placed on the page displaying search engine results. These ads are also driven by the relevant high-ranking keywords, showing up when a user searches with these keywords.

These techniques give a much better focus to the content, as you know what exactly is the user looking for and you can tailor your content accordingly. More focus also means better results, as in you may generate leads better in relevance and in numbers!

But for all this to happen, your content still needs to be strong and relevant. Random inclusion of keywords will only drive the user away. So here are certain things to make your content even better:

  • Quality Posts Matter: Content is king. If your posts generate any value for the audience, they are likely to read through them and respond. Non interesting or irrelevant content will get lost in the whole clutter of social media.

  • Short, Visual Messages for Targeted Audience: Attention spans these days are extremely short with people preferring visuals rather than words. It will be better for builders to have a strategy of using consumer data and demographics to identify the interests of specific individuals and then market the message to this specific audience. The message should also be visual in nature.

  • Live Videos: The consumption of online videos has gone up like anything. Real estate can benefit by this trend. How about creating a short, live video of the sample flat or the apartment and posting it on the social media channels? With easy availability of 360 degree video cameras, a great experience can be created for the potential buyers.

  • Having Regional Content: All social media marketing services Pune, Delhi, Chennai or Lucknow etc. to offer agree on one point: regional content is getting consumed more and more. English ads are great, but regional ads strike a better chord with your customer as it develops a bond of trust and comfort, resulting in more buyers.

  • Remarketing: Remarketing is also a useful technique to fetch visitors to your site. When people leave your website without buying anything, remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads across their different devices while they browse different sites or pages. That way, your potential audience is always reminded about your product or service and may want to come back.

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