MudraPay Digital Marketing

MudraPay Digital Marketing 2019-04-01T12:59:28+05:30

Project Description

MudraPay is a holistic business payments app that caters to both small and large businesses alike. Through BHIM integrated MudraPay, one can not only generate and share professional-looking invoices but also, schedule payments, make and receive payments in parts, share MudraPay generated QR Codes via WhatsApp and Gmail, cancel wrong invoices and automate all the business payments in an easy, secure and fast way.



  • Create a strong brand positioning strategy
  • Keyword optimised description on Playstore page
  • Create a cohesive social media strategy to showcase MudraPay and its USPs
  • Hi-resolution images showing the benefits of MudraPay
  • Infographics depicting how to use MudraPay
  • Create paid campaigns and ads to trigger app installs


Research showed us that 22 million of the population use payment apps. Most of them uninstall the apps, as they are looking for a comprehensive application with all the features and benefits in one place.

We created a strategy to first brand MudraPay as a full-fledged business payment app. Make people aware of its benefits and features via social media posts. The content strategy focused on highlighting how MudraPay eases out the process of invoicing and payments for both large and small scale businesses.

On Google Playstore, we created optimised keyword content and used relevant images along with banners to improve Google quality scores. We aimed at reducing cost per install.

Last part of the strategy was using paid campaigns and ads so that the right audience could be tapped.


  • 5.24 times increase in App Downloads Over a Period of 5 Months
  • 50% Decrease in Cost Per Install


  • Keyword Optimization
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Paid Ad Campaigns