What if you don’t grab leads in spite of superior content? Read the blog to get better leads

Can you imagine digital marketing strategy without consistent and best content? No, it is impossible to imagine. No, it is not possible to achieve top SEO ranking unless your strategy is fuelled by SEO optimized content that targets the right keywords, and most importantly, offers a strategic call-to-action to the visitors. What you get is better visibility and great sales leads. Whether you manage content generation in-house or outsource the same to some agency, you can certainly take the business to greater heights.
However, the formula doesn’t seem to be success all the time. At times, you get a failure in attracting good leads in spite of a comprehensive, top-quality content. Indeed it is quite frustrating to see the tested tricks becoming a fiasco. However, there is always some rationale and reason behind it. Do not let your efforts of creating good content die a death. There are ways and means to stop the damage. Content marketing is a profound marketing strategy and not just a buzzword. As you will finish reading this blog, the effective ways of generating sales leads will be clear to you.

Stop, look at the content and evaluate

Well, you need a lot of determination (and honesty) to evaluate your content objectively. Don’t get into preconceived notions and look at it from the third-party angle. And yes, do not get confined to blogs and articles only; when you review the content.
It goes much beyond it. All types of written content, PPTs, webinars, white papers, and podcasts (and the list is not all-inclusive, remember) comes in this category. Look at it. Is it really trustworthy? Is it all of any value to the readers? Do they find it important?

You don’t get leads in spite of good content; it means something is wrong with the strategy

See, a “complete” content strategy relies on both aspects; paid and organic content. The ratio between the two depends on your needs. The paid strategy chosen by you should be scalable. Double the listing and you get incredible benefit. For example, when you know that a particular content is already the top-ranked item, you can create another piece of content for the same term. You will be astonished to see the result!
There is no watertight compartment for paid or organic strategies. When an organic keyword performs extensively, you can strengthen it further by targeting with paid strategy. You need to keep on tuning the strategy accordingly. Converting search traffic into sales leads is the basic objective. Selection of keywords largely depends on the method you are targeting for. Take an example of Gmail marketing. If you are deriving a strategy for it, then go for broad, targeted keywords. Add

Is there any “best strategy”?

Well, it is a field where one size doesn’t fit all. You have to look into it objectively and improve on every possible trouble area. Improve, experiment and fine tune; it is the only strategy one can think about it.

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