Impact of Web Designing on SEO and Branding

Why is web designing important?
There is only one answer to this – web design services are essential because it impacts your brand positioning. Web design helps you build an impression on your audience; this could make them stay on your page and learn more about your business or leave your page. A good web design company in Pune will help you keep your leads on your page. From SEO, traffic to branding and leads, your site’s web design affects your entire presence.

Web design elements are exponentially stronger than content, in terms of mistrust. According to a report, 94% of visitors directly commented about the web design and only 6% referenced specific content. Here we list down some of the elements which further helps to mistrust a website:

  • Boring web design
  • Dull colours
  • Slow load time
  • Complex layouts

Having said that web design is powerful, content still matters. The audience loves fresh content that is informative, relevant and clear.

The impact of web design on SEO:
Think long-term when you approach web designing with SEO in mind. Brand and online presence is what matters and will last longer than design trends. Web designing services in Pune will help you with current styles without ignoring the SEO bit. SEO-friendly web design allows a search engine to read pages and explore across the site. By ensuring a search engine can easily crawl and understand your content is the first step to ensure your visibility in the search engine pages. Web design company in Pune will help you build an SEO-friendly site which structured and represent your business and brand correctly.

The impact of web design on branding:
It’s essential to understand that web designing is not your brand, but it is one of the most important elements that help build trust with your audience.Digital marketing companies in India always consider brands as perceptions and different elements like logos, punchlines, trademarks as shortcuts to those perceptions. This is a known fact that customers are always drawn towards brands they trust and are more likely to buy when they correlate a product with high brand strength. Hence, this proves that your web design will affect your overall branding and positioning.

The impact of web design on conversion rates:
Yes! You read it right – web designing does impact the conversion rates. There are some elements when digital marketing companies in India should not miss:

    • CTAs – Watch out your CTAs and wording you use. Because the wordings have a direct impact on conversion rates. Web design companies in Pune suggests creating urgency in the CTAs and using words like “Free” to increase the conversion rates.
    • Colour – Colours do matter! Digital marketing companies in Pune suggests big red and bold is suitable for headlines, while navy colour gives a feeling of trust when used in CTA button.
    • Navigation – Complicated web designs make it harder for customers to stay on the page, thus affecting our conversion rates. You should take up web design services in Pune to build an intuitive site structure which will encourage users to continue browsing.

Before you take up web design services in Pune, it’s essential to understand the impact of website design. Skovian is the best digital marketing company in India which offers the best web design services in Pune. Visit us to know more:

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