Modern SEO Keyword Research Strategy

Research SEO keywords is an undeniable foundation of search engine optimization and impacts every other SEO task that you perform, including creating content, on-page SEO, email outreach, and content marketing. That’s why researching SEO keywords is usually the first step of any SEO campaign.

With each update to Google’s search algorithm, approaches to SEO keyword research becomes outdated. Despite being dedicated to their SEO strategies, many businesses aren’t seeing any results due to two main reasons – Long and Generic Keywords and Misplaced Keywords.

Here are a few tips to re-examine and rectify your strategies and get you started on the right track.

Long and Generic Keywords: Studies have shown that long-tail keyword research can significantly increase the organic reach of your content. The value of using long-tail is that they are more specific and provide context to your content. The benefit of the specificity is that they help you to rank highly in search results for popular topics and tend to engage quality traffic that’s more likely to convert to leads.

The more specific the content is, the more specific the audience needs are – the more likely you will convert this traffic into leads. Hence, they have better conversion rates. This is how Google finds value in the websites it crawls. The pages that go into the inner workings of any topic are seen as the best answer to a person’s query and will have a higher rank.

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Misplaced Keywords: Don’t force keywords where they don’t belong. Some businesses define an arbitrary keyword density goal in their SEO strategies. This usually leads to redundant and superfluous phrasing that reduces the quality of their content. Shoving keywords into articles doesn’t improve your SEO anymore. You must be intentional in your keyword placement.

You can get more strategic by taking a look at your competitors and figuring out how searches might vary by location or season. Geo-specific research can also help make your content more relevant to your target audience.

Don’t hesitate to hire the services of an expert SEO company in Pune to do the work for you.

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