What is Paid SEO (SEM) & Organic SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and paid SEO also known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are a part of the complex digital marketing space. Often used interchangeably, these two have their distinct characteristics. By definition, the primary objective of SEO is organic search strategies whereas SEM or Paid SEO refers to paid strategies to appear in search. The most common example of paid SEO is Google Ads.

Every SEO Company in Pune has its strategy mix for every client and every product depending on the marketing goals or branding goals of the clients. There is always an argument as to which one works better. However, many SEO services in Pune recommend that every brand or product should have a fitting strategy that includes both organic SEO as well as Paid SEO.

In this blog, let’s explore the role of organic SEO and Paid SEO by understanding their roles in depth.

The main role of organic SEO is to prompt search engines to display a particular brand or website on the topmost of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). The chances of the viewer clicking on the first listed pages are higher and hence organic SEO is the struggle to acquire the topmost possible slot in the organic algorithm of the search engine.

Organic SEO is further divided into three categories such as:

On-Page SEO: Refers to an individual page of the web site that targets a specific keyword. It helps the Search Engine understand the content and thus enabling it to rank the web page higher up in the algorithm.

Technical SEO: As the name suggests, this refers to the optimization of the technical aspect of websites such as backend structure/ foundation, site speed, mobile-friendliness, indexing and crawlability.

Off-Page SEO: This refers to the reputation and authority of the given website depending on the external content that the particular page or site leads to the inclusion of high-quality backlinks to other websites.

Paid SEO comprises the most commonly used keywords research, it targets the best available keywords for industry products or services and enlists them on the top of the search list in the form of a search Ad.

In some ways, organic SEO and paid SEOs have few things in common. Here’s how the two have similar functional points as listed down by Skovian, a leading SEO services company in Pune:

  • Both help the brand appear in search results
  • Both strive to get more and more traffic to the website
  • They require a greater understanding of the TA
  • Both use keyword research to display popular search terms
  • Whether paid SEO or Organic SEO, both are targeted towards specific keywords

Although organic SEO and Paid SEO stem from similar areas of interests, the two have multiple differences that set them apart.

Price point & Pay
Organic SEO does not require any additional expenditure as it is purely about the search engine ranking on the terms of organic optimization whereas Paid SEO requires a certain allocated budget for the bidding to appear higher in the ranking. Many SEO companies in Baner Pune and the world over have allotted budgets for specific campaigns for their clients.

Target Audience
Organic SEO does not include any specified target Audience preferences. It is often dependent on the viewer’s searchability. On the other hand, Paid SEO allows setting different parameters and preferences of the target audience depending upon factors such as age, location, income and habits etc. This allows for a more sharp, focused target audience reach.

Organic SEO is focused on getting long term tractions for the brand goals. It adds value to any brand in terms of its visibility. Paid SEO is all about the short term, quick impact campaigns that are focused on short term sales goals.

Testing Flexibility
The organic SEO does not allow testing flexibility as it is tedious to make changes in the published content and monitor the results over some time. Paid SEO allows an AB testing scenario where one can tweak the campaigns to increase the success rate of results.

From a digital expertise standpoint, many leading SEO services in Pune believe that no SEO is solely superior to the other. A successful campaign is as much important as a prominent brand presence on search engines. It is ultimately the client goals that decide which SEO should be considered prominently at a given point in time.

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