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Social Media Marketing Company In Pune

What is Social Media Management?

It is the act and skill of monitoring in social conversation across platforms. Make your brand heard through a story and interact with the customers 1-on-1. Social Media is becoming an integral part of every company’s advertising wing and there are so many different types of social media management services which prove useful for business growth.

Skovian Ventures’ social team is dedicated to research, update, and identify the best routes of using social media for your businesses. We provide Social Media Strategy, Social Media Optimization, and Social Media Marketing to take your business to a different level. Daily millions of potential customers browse social media platforms.  With our social media strategy, you get love and a fan for your life! We create interesting social media marketing campaigns keeping in mind your business objectives and keeping the audiences engaged over long periods of time and ultimately translate the engagement to leads.

Skovian Ventures is a social media marketing company in Pune, who has experts handling platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest,etc. Our team also includes social media strategy team who provides deep understanding about the industry and has the perfect social media solutions.

We at Skovian Ventures are an expert SMO service provider based in Pune help you with Social Media Marketing Services to reach the potential customer. We work on Social Media Optimization (SMO) for promoting your website and business ventures and keep you ahead of your competitors. If you wish to brand your product or service online, contact us to get a comprehensive Digital Marketing consultation or a Free Quote today!




1. What does a social media marketing company do?

A social media marketing company in Pune like Skovian Ventures helps customers achieve an impeccable social media presence through innovative ideas, content, images, videos etc. on various social media platforms. Running social media paid advertising campaigns helps brands build a closer bonding with their customers. Campaigns designed and implemented by our social media service providers helps brands gain authentic likes, and real followers, which ultimately lead to brand awareness as well as a good market reputation.

2. How can social media marketing services in Pune help my brand?

Social media marketing services in Pune helps businesses place their products/services appropriately. It also helps businesses improve their brand visibility. Social media profiles provide new opportunities for businesses to share the right content with the best audience at the right time.

3. Can you setup my social media accounts for me?

Sure, we can! As a part of our social media marketing services, we create, design and optimize all our clients’ accounts so as to help them generate more leads and get massive awareness.

4. What social media platforms should I use?

The purpose of having a social media presence differs from one company to another. As a brand, it is important to know where your audience is present and have a presence there. Conveying a message to the wrong crowd will lead to dissatisfaction for involved parties and wastage of precious time and efforts. The decision also depends on the product or service the company provides. Some companies may be focused on B2B and some maybe focused on B2C. However, the bare minimum includes having an account on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. While the first is mostly suitable for building B2B relationships and HR initiatives, the latter are mostly meant for B2C updates. Further, depending on the purpose and approach, one can expand to Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Putting efforts into other places like posting updates on Google My Business can also prove to be helpful for some businesses.