Elements in a Modern Dynamic Website Design

Modern website design is a relative term. For many websites designed in 2010 might be on-trend, while for those in the web design field, any design pre-2019 is already antiquated. With new trends regularly developing, website design will never be a static art as any web design company in Pune will tell you. 

Which is why we’ve compiled a list of elements that need be present in a trendy, dynamic website design:

Strong, but Restrained, Color Palette

This might seem rudimentary, but colour schemes and colour usage are vital when talking about modern web design. An influential colour palette will help produce cohesiveness among all the material your brand puts out.

Simplifying the palette of your design makes it easier for users to focus. For inspiration, check out popular sites like Apple and Sony. You won’t find a spectrum of colours – just a single background colour and a significant accent colour.

Unique and Large Typograph
On average, people give about 10 seconds to a web page. So, with large-sized text, you need to demonstrate your value within this specified time to grab their attention.
Typography also reveals the nature of your brand. Are you solemn or fun? Informational or practical? The typography you choose also needs to be compatible across browsers, devices, and operating systems.

That’s why we urge you to involve the professionals for website design services in Pune to assist you in choosing the correct font.

Embedded Video
A striking video present on your website can immediately improve its chances. It also significantly lowers the need for extensive content.

Rather than reading a group of paragraphs, the audience can get a comprehensive idea about your company from the video. A real-time product video can explain your business, products, and services engagingly while adding to your brand credibility.

Responsive Hero Images
The hero image is a broad banner image that is prominently arranged on the webpage. The professionals at any website design company have remarked that these images can immediately draw user attention and prompt them to scroll down for more.

It also heightens visual experience where you can recount your story without relying entirely on text.

Cohesive Card Designs
With minimalistic design style rising, the application of cards has gained popularity. Cards help users absorb your content by grouping text and imagery together to form a single eye-catching component.

Using cards can help you achieve a clean, organized web design while maintaining user experience by suitably sectioning off your content into smaller bites.

Thoughtfully incorporated, these elements wonderfully represent your brand, deliver outstanding user experience, and generate a positive brand image. Skovian Ventures is a web design company in Pune that can help prioritize user experience and optimize your website for both its aesthetic look and its functionality.

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