Web Design Tricks to Grow Your Business Exponentially

Growing any business online can be very challenging for you if you do not know anything about web design tricks. While you must initially learn to source the products and services effectively, you must realize that your website design plays a major role in influencing the final decision of the buyer. Since there are thousands of online eCommerce websites, your aim should be to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Web design services company in Pune can help you in quick lead generation and profit maximization with some of the quirkiest and smartest web designing ideas.

Let’s try out animated call-to-action buttons

By now, you must have come to terms with the importance of the call-to-action buttons. No matter how attractive your website is or how affordable your products and services are, everything seems to drain if the call to action button is not appropriate. You must design an engaging call to action button. When you hire a good web design company in Pune, you will see that one of the most trending ideas is to use animated graphics in your call to action button. This seems cute and different from the rest. A global company that has successfully employed this scheme is Airbnb.

Let’s use videos on the home page

You must have often visited websites where the static images on the home page do not seem so appealing. Though the product photography may be stunning, there is just a connection that you fail to create with the website. Now, if you do not want your website to suffer the same fate, then you must engage in creating videos for the landing page. Instead of using old videos from the web, you must create new videos that are more focused on your products and services. You can also show behind the scene clips from the product shoots. This improves your brand image and shows that you are a trustworthy site. Moreover, people connect more to videos of humans than pictures. One of the biggest brands to have used this web designing trick is Gucci for its collaboration with Disney.

Have you heard of parallax scrolling?

If you have a website, then you must already be aware of parallax scrolling. In simple terms, some of us are extremely lazy people. Yes, we’re those that would keep the television switched on because we do not want to move to pick up the remote. In such a situation, parallax scrolling makes your eCommerce website highly desirable because it is a single-webpage design. What essentially happens in parallax scrolling is that the user does not have to click on the ‘view more products’ option. As the user keeps scrolling, more products and services keep loading online. It is effortless to find the best web design services in Pune that can help you create a marvelous website with parallax scrolling.

Web designing is an integral part of eCommerce business lead generation and sales improvement. However, it is not an easy task, and not everyone can do it properly. Thus, you must ensure that you hire only the best web designing services in your city.

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